Dobinson MK2 Rear Lowering Springs



This is a brand new product that was available before, however the specs on this spring were far too extreme for most people. The old C59-059 from Dobinson was 65mm(2.5”) lower than the standard height Dobinson. We contacted Dobinson and suggested a change to the product and they agreed, so the new C59-059 is now 320mm free height vs. 295mm before. This sprint is now 20mm(0.78”) lower than the new 340mm standard height Dobinson. We felt that this was perfect for those that wanted a slight drop in the rear without dramatic changes to camber.  Much like the MK2 Dobinson Standard Height Srpings these are 232lb springs and ideally mated to stock to lightly modified MK2's.

We only sell Dobinson springs for the MK2 because we believe it’s crucial to support companies who are will to cater to such a small market. A couple quick email and one phone call and we were able to completely change the specs one of their springs.
Springs are sold in Pairs

**PLEASE NOTE...UPDATE APRIL 15th 2017**:  All Dobinson springs are now out of stock at Raptor Racing, we are not going to be ordering any more for some time.  We don't have a date but more than likely the only way it will happen is through a group buy where we will need a minimum of 30 people who are willing to pay for a set and then wait 3 months for them to be prodouced and shipped to North America.  

If there aren't 30 people willing to do that then unfortunately it may take longer than many months as to us it shows that the market is slowing down and we need to concentrate our efforts and funds in other places.

We will attempt a group buy in very late summer, if that doesn't work we will try one again late winter 2018 and from there if it still doesn't work we will try one every year until enough people are interested.

  • Model: Dobinson-C59059
  • Manufactured by: Dobinson

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