Canadian Shipping Info

Although Raptor Racing was started as a Canadian Company all of our main distributors and suppliers are U.S based.  In our Canadian warehouse we mainly stock parts that are made under the Raptor Racing name such as the exhaust and suspension bushings.  

We do however travel to the US on business very often as we are constantly needing to pick up parts and orders from our US Suppliers and US Warehouse.  Over the years we've saved dozens and dozens of Canadians thousands of dollars in outrageous shipping fees and unfair brokerage fees.  

Unless otherwise stated parts on this site ship from the US, which means for Canadians higher shipping fees and unknown brokerage fees.  If you are intersted in placing an order and having Raptor Racing personally bring it into Canada, clear it through customs and ship from within Canada please contact us.  

Please do keep in mind that this option is not for the customer who needs their parts "overnight from Japan" as this option can take 2-3 weeks (depending on when we travel to the US). Sometimes though it can save you a LOT of money so it's best to contact us to discuss these options.

We do not charge for customs clearing as we clear our own packages but depending on the parts there are fees that must be paid in order to get the parts from a US Manufacturer to our US Wahrehouse.