Canadian Group Buy: 2014-2016 Fiesta ST Ram Air BIG MOUTH Intake

Starting at: $149.00

Many of you already know about the BIG MOUTH and its popularity among performance enthusiasts. It offers true front facing ram induction and endless customizability. Performance meets aesthetics.

In laymans terms, a ram induction intake will use the forward motion of your car to produce positive flow. Just a reminder, as a result of the nature of ram induction systems, gains are not seen on the dyno but rather on the street when the car is in motion. We saw anywhere from 0.3-0.6 lbm/min increase in mass flow depending on your mods and vehicle speed. You will also notice an AUDIBLE change in your engine, it will sound like the scream of a million tornados. As well as drastic reduction in inlet temps and charge temps. Your turbo will thank you and will pick up some top end!!

If you live in Canada, NOW is the time to get the BIG MOUTH. We will be offering you an exclusive discount for the group buy and shipping will be domestic for participants thanks to the kind folks at RaptorRacing for hosting the distribution. 

With 15 different color options available for either the body or the flare, you have 225 different color combinations to choose from!

Installation Guide

PLEASE NOTE:  This is for an exclusive Canadian Group Buy, details on the group buy can be found here.  Please ensure you read the thread before purchasing.


  • Model: VelossaTech-FiST-BigMouth
  • Manufactured by: Velossa Tech Design

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