Raptor Racing Residual Pressure Valve Kit

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For years we've been recommending using residual pressure valves when purchasing and installing  a Big Brake Kit.  We've received great feedback from previous customer, this valves purpose is to eleminate the "dead zone" in the brake pedal by putting a constant 2lbs of pressure on the system...or as Wilwood describes it:

Ideal for drag racing, Street Rods, and many off-road applications, these inline residual pressure valves from Wilwood retain a minimum brake line pressure to help eliminate excessive pedal travel. These 2 lb. valves are used in disc brake applications where the master cylinder is mounted below the horizontal plane of the calipers, and fluid drainback occurs, causing excessive brake drag. With drum brakes, 10 lb. valves are used to compensate for return spring tension in the drums. They're made from billet aluminum and are color-coded for easy identification.

For the first time we are offering a plug and play kit for both the front and back big brake kit.  This kit is made with VERY high quality US made lines and fittings, not the cheap stuff you get from your local parts store.  Price includes the Wilwood Residual Pressure Valve, Lines and Fittings and shipping.

If you're ordering this in conjunction with any of the complete big brake kit pacakges you will receive $5 back per kit.

PLEASE NOTE:  Pictures included are of the prototype.   Production unit will be VERY similar but might not be 100% as pictured.

  • Model: Raptor-MK2-RPVKIT
  • Manufactured by: Raptor Racing

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