Titan Motorsports Protune Piggyback MKV GR A90 Supra


Titan Motorsports ProTune V.1 Piggyback ECU for the MKV Supra safely and reliably adds power to your MKV A90 Supra. Our exclusive tuning box arrives with a bespoke jumper harness that integrates seamlessly into your Supra engine loom with plug and play connectors. Our Pro Tune V.1 box has an integrated minicomputer taking control of key inputs to manipulate values and increase power and response in the process.

The Stage 1 tune adds over 50hp and 60tq through the original exhaust, with gains of over 100hp/105tq available in Stage 2 with the addition of a Titan Motorsports downpipe (sold separately).

The ProTune can be removed from the vehicle in minutes, returning the vehicle to OEM configuration and original ECU calibration for servicing. The box is not locked to the vehicles VIN and can be transferred between vehicles.

  • Can be installed in less than an hour.
  • Easily removed from vehicle with no physical trace.
  • Future map upgrades for Downpipe, Meth Injection.
  • 7 User-Switchable Maps for fine tuning.
  • Leaves all OE engine fail-safes in place.


  • map 1 = stock
  • map 2 = stock (valet mode)
  • map 3 = Pump Gas +50hp stock car
  • map 4 = Pump Gas downpipe
  • map 5 = Pump Gas downpipe, exhaust, intake, water meth
  • map 6 = 100 Octane stock car
  • map 7 = 100 Octane plus bolt ons.

Product Description

Complete Piggy Back system you will PNP to your factory engine harness. Very easy install and does not void warranty. Can remove in minutes before pulling into dealer. Will have Several Map options developed at Titan Motorsports.

TITAN TUNED! We strapped our Supra on the dyne yesterday for a baseline tune, the car made 336whp and 368tq. We then loaded our Titan ProTune and managed 390whp/432tq, a gain of 54hp/64tq in the summer swamp like conditions of Orlando, FL (Our Dynojet 424 was in linked mode). An impressive gain and just the start, we’re currently revising the tune, doing more street testing and hope to have more details and a production ready version for the public in the next few weeks, stay tuned.





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Availability:  In stock parts ship within 2 business days, out of stock parts will take approximately 2 weeks. 


  • Model: TMS-TMS-MKV-TUN-100
  • Manufactured by: Yukon Gear & Axle

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