Large Fat Shift Knob - Grey


 PERRIN shift knobs come in two different sizes. A Slim 1.6" Knob and a Fat 1.85" Knob for power shifters. The Fat Knob is approximately the same diameter as the OEM STI knob.

 *Height Adjustment & Locking*
 The PERRIN shift knobs height can be adjusted by as much as 1 inch with the built-in adjustment screw. Once the height is set, tighten the lock bolt and your knob will never loosen on it's own. Best of all, our super locking mechanism will not harm the threads of your shifter!

 Machined from billet aluminum, PERRIN shift knobs are light weight and balanced perfectly for a quick shift every time.

 Each PERRIN shift knob is carefully textured by hand and then anodized grey or stealth black. The super hard anodized surface will maintain the finish of your knob for thousands of shifts. Choose from two anodizing colors. Grey or Stealth black.

 *2 Different Shift Stickers*
 PERRIN shift knobs come with 2 different shift plate stickers to match your shift pattern or a clean simple PERRIN logo.

 GTSPEC Chassis Braces consist of:
 * V-Brace
 * T-Brace
 * Mid Chassis Brace
 * Sway Link Brace
 * Chassis Brace
 * Trailing Link Set
 * Subframe Reinforcement
 * Rear Differential Reinforcement
 * Reinforcement Braces

2013 SCION FR-S BASE H4 2.0

  • Model: PERRIN-PSP-INR-112GR
  • Manufactured by: Perrin Performance

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