82-83 MK2 External Walbro Fuel pump






The Walbro GSL392 External pump is perfect for those who require an external fuel pump.  When you turbo your MK2 an upgraded fuel pump is almost a most and pretty cheap insurance.  Using a Walbro pump is almost a no brainer; they flow more fuel than a MK4 pump but they are not as pricey.  Don't worry we're including the install kit; so all you have to do is supply the work to get it in your tank.


Walbro is one of the leading original equipment fuel pump suppliers, Walbro fuel pumps set the industry standard for quality and dependability. Walbro has entered into the performance world with the hottest selling and most frequently used performance pumps on the market.

Availability: USA Order Usually Ships from our USA Warehouse Sameday. Canadian/International Orders Usually Ship from Canadian Warehouse in 2 days.

  • Model: Walbro-GSL392
  • Manufactured by: Walbro

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