Raptor Racing Product: AGX 765016 Strut Tube Spacer


You guys asked for it and now you got it; we have joined forces with T3 to finally bring you a MK2 Specific Strut Tube Spacer.

These will work with the widely used KYB 765016 AGX MR2 Strut Cartridge. Anyone who has seen T3's AE86 equivalent part can confirm its a fine piece of work

These are considered to be an "upper strut tube spacer".

This Advanced strut tube spacer is machined from solid billet steel and is actually a gland nut with a spacer built in, specifically designed to cup the upper portion of the KYB AGX shock.

What this is used for:

  1. Running the SW20 KYB AGX in a full length strut casing with NO modifications to the strut casings.
  2. Perfect for putting the shock in the correct range of use when using coilovers. (No more "bouncy" shocks because they are over compressed)
  3. Can be used with bolt on Coilovers OR lowering springs, with no adverse effects
  4. Can be used with other short stroke shock options with small shims under the shock.

This is the EASY answer for those that want to run lowering springs and achieve the same handling as coilovers WITHOUT shortening the strut casing!

Availability: Usually Ships direct from Manufacturer in 2 business days.

  • Model: Raptor-MK2-STS
  • Manufactured by: Techno Toy Tuning

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