Injector Dynamics 725cc 7MGTE Injectors

Starting at: $720.00



These injectors are made to fit onto the 7MGTE, you will need to purchase a USCAR to Denso Plug and Play adapter if you don't have it already.  This adapter eliminates the need for cutting and splicing. 


These injectors feature:

  • With pressure capability in excess of 8 bar this injector has found a home in many different applications.
  • The ID725 will maintain strict linearity at flow rates that will satisfy idle and cruise requirements for even the smallest engines. This makes the ID725 ideal for emissions compliant OEM applications while offering the high flow rates required for mildly boosted motors.

  • If you're unsure if these will work in your application, give us a call and we'll help you figure out what it will take
  • These have a droplet size comparable to a 600cc Siemens injector and a much better spray pattern and atomization than any other injector on the market.
  • The proper battery comp values are also provided with each set so you can set it up in your computer and have consistent a/f ratios as battery voltage fluctuates. Most other injectors don't offer that information at anything other than 1 voltage level.
  • Plug-and-Play adaptors are available!!

Nominal Dynamic Flow Rate - 725cc/min @ 3.00 Bar (43.5 psi) Using Gasoline at 52 Degrees C (125 Degrees F)
Maximum Differential Fuel Pressure - 8.5 Bar (123.5 psi)
Fuel Compatibility - Compatible With All Known Fuels
Electrical Connector - USCAR

Availability: Usually Ships from our USA Warehouse Same Day.

  • Model: InjectorDynamics-725.60.11.D.6
  • Manufactured by: Injector Dynamics


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