Energy Suspension MK3 Supra Rear Control Arm Bushing Kit


If your car's handling seems a bit on the sloppy side lately, replace your mushy rubber bushings with Energy Suspension's Control Arm Bushing Sets. Because polyurethane is unaffected by oil, smog, road salt, or most chemicals, it doesn't soften, compress, or distort like rubber does. So when you turn the steering wheel, take a high speed corner, or hit some potholes, these bushings will give you the ride of your life.

Rear Part List:
8- 2752 Upper Control Arm Bushings
4- 2753 Lateral Link Bushings
4- 2754 Rear Toe Link Bushings
4- 2755 Rear Trailing Link Bushings
4- 2756 Spindle to Trailing Link Bushings
10- (.875”O.D x .562”I.D x 1.960”L)
All Positions except spindle to trailing arm position.
2- (.875”O.D x .562”I.D x 1.800”L)
Spindle to Trailing Arm Position.
1- 17522 Instruction Sheet
4- 9.11108 Grease (Different quantity supplied with master kit)

Availability: Usually Ships from our USA Warehouse Same Day.

  • Model: ES-8.3127
  • Manufactured by: Energy Suspension

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