Whiteline MK2 18mm Rear Adjustable Swaybars


Back in 2006 we realized a severe lacking of quality suspension components for the MK2; so we contacted Whiteline and asked them to design and build adjustable swaybars. The rest as they say is history; the rear Whiteline Adjustables for the MK2 are 18mm and can be adjusted 3 ways per side. Each kit comes with all the parts you'll need: Adjustable Swaybars; Endlinks; hardware and brackets. There is nothing else to purchase. We believe that this is the single most important upgrade you can do to your MK2 as nothing can tune the over/understeer of your car more than adjustable swaybars.

Don't forget to purchase a front adjustable bar too for ultimate suspension tuneability.
PLEASE NOTE:  These are on order and are scheduled to arrive early 2019.
Availability: In stock parts ship within 2 business days, out of stock parts will take approximately 2 weeks.

  • Model: Whiteline-BTR21Z
  • Manufactured by: Whiteline

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