T3 Outer Tie Rods for RA40 Celica


These are our custom outer tie rods. We start with a pair of our Adjustable Beefy Steering knuckles and add our outer tie rods to them. This allows the use of a super strong 5/8 custom bolt right through the rod end in the outer tie rods and directly to the steering knuckles.

We use very strong 5/8" bore rod ends with 3/4" shanks for these parts. The Rod Ends are 3-piece teflon lined to keep them quiet and long lasting (just like all our other rod ends!). The actual outer tie rod is made of solid steel construction. Just try and bend one of these puppies! (or don't, it really wouldn't be safe! :)

They are right/left hand threaded for easy adjustment and alignment on the car. They come with an assortment of stainless spacers to go between the steering knuckles and the outer tie rod. This allows for additional bump steer correction on excessively lowered cars.

For you guys overseas that only had manual racks, switching to these power steering knuckles will allow far more steering angle!

The price listed includes both the outer tie rods AND our beefy steering knuckles.

  • Model: T3-RA40TieRod
  • Manufactured by: Techno Toy Tuning

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