Tein EDFC II Electronic Control Unit


The original EDFC, which has been popular for the past decade, is to be reborn as "EDFC II" with a new appearance using white LED and at a new affordable price. "EDFC II" brings the convenience of in-car damping force adjustment system to the hands of more people than ever.

  • This product does not adjust vehicle ride height.
  • This is just the control unit. The proper motor kit must be purchased to match your Tein EDFC compatible coilovers.

-High-Performance Stepping Motor for Damping Force Control
-2 Damping Force Adjustment Modes (16 levels / 32 levels)
-Convenient Presets
-Resume Feature
-Volume Adjustment
-Display Dimmer Function
-Self-Diagnosis & Alert
-Lock Function

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  • Model: Tein-EDK04-P9669
  • Manufactured by: Tein

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